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RuneScape and Block N Load

RuneScape and Block N Load maker Jagex Games Studio announced that it will host UK based games charity SpecialEffect GameBlast15 games marathon weekend on February 20th - 22nd. The event is a 24-hour gamer challenge to rs gold raise money and help enable individuals with physical disabilities play games (the charitys main goal).

At the first GameBlast in 2014, RuneScape and Ace of Spades: Battle Builder communities raised more than £48,000 for SpecialEffect, and more than 90,000 viewers watched Jagex live stream of gameplay, interviews, and real world challenges. Jagex will host this years event at its Cambridge, England headquarters again, and even provide RuneScape players benefits as part of a special double XP weekend.

Jagex says that hosting SpecialEffect and taking part in GameBlast15 is the first in a series of fundraising drives planned by the company throughout 2015. During 2014, the studio and the RuneScape community raised more than $300,000 for good causes, including Oxfam and SpecialEffect. runescape gold was also the first games partner of United for Wildlife, and helped to raise awareness of the plight facing the world rhinos with a series of in-game quizzes and limited edition virtual pets.