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Jane eyre

The heroine, a strength of character, simple, may be, independent, positive enterprising female.From humble beginnings, her looks ordinary, but she is not to feel inferior.Her powerful, laugh at their stupidity, shows a free-standing self-improvement of personality and good ideal.She has a tenacious vitality, never bow to fate, finally has its aspirations of a better life.Jane survival in a parents, sponsor of the environment.Since childhood under the treatment is different from their peers: abandon of my aunt, cousin of contempt, cousin of the insults and beatings.But she did not despair, she didn't self to destroy, and not in the insult of destruction.All the various unhappy, on the contrary, in return for infinite confidence is Jane eyre, is strong unyielding spirit of the Jane eyre, an invincible the inner personality strength.Of her own destiny, value, status of thinking and trying to hold, for their own thoughts and personality has rational knowledge, the pursuit of his own happiness and emotional has firm.From Jane eyre, in today's new expressive female image: self-esteem, self-respect, self-reliance, self-improvement, for their own personality, emotional, life, judgment and choice of firm ideals and persistent pursuit.

Thornfield manor, wealth and strong physique, about 3067 age (for nearly twenty years older than Jane eyre), good-hearted, on the surface looked a little cold, a bit stubborn, at first, in the eyes of Jane eyre, he an angsty and moody, there is a kind of manhood.His body strong, not handsome, but face is very strong, there is a thick black hair and a pair of big and bright black eyes.When he was young he persecuted by fathers, deceived married Bertha mason, a mad woman, the woman decadent, led a wild life, all day roar, rochester hate her very much, but because of the strong sense of responsibility and some requirements can't abandon her.Mr Rochester in pursuit of a new life to travel to Europe, but has not found my sweetheart, it has been betrayed.Serious to life, later returned to thornfield manor, know a governess, Jane eyre, in love with her, and asked her to marry him, but the fact was revealed the married.Jane left, his grief.Because the wife mad crazy arson and lost an arm and a eyes, another is blind in one eye.Eventually become a Jane's husband.Two years after eye surgery.